It’s over….

May 24, 2007

Today I had my last exam at school. I was studying all yesterday night and today morning. The exam was from the International Business. Still don’t know the results, but feel pretty good about it. But the most important thing is, that since now onwards I have a summer holiday till the September.

Have so many plans what. So many stuffs at home are waiting for me to be done and I can’t wait to do it. Now it will be the time of doing everything else than studying. Looking forward to the summer time schedule….Will be also going home soon to see my parents and friends. Play tennis and enjoy walking in the

Wish everyone to have a great summer full of enjoyment and relaxing.


Day of exams

May 22, 2007

Tuesday 22nd of May was a date for two quite big final exams.

Morning at 10 o’clock we started a first on Macroeconomics. Pretty difficult, or I might expected something else to be in the exam? The exam had two parts. One was from the first part of this semester. There I felt more confident. And the other, second part was from the new material, which was quite difficult. I wrote what I knew, but… I might be enough. Anyway I feel pretty good about myself spending the time on preparation. We’ll see what will be the result, but I knew already much more than before the studying and that make me satisfied.

The second exam should be from English Business. I do really like this subject and studying for this exam was more then less just repeating.  

Anyway, the other day past, another one exam to go.  

21st of May :-)

May 21, 2007

Today has a birthday one of my very, very good friend. It’s her and she’s turning 30’s.Even I can’t be with her today I hope that she will have a great day full of smiles and nice people around. I wish her all the best and will celebrate it with her soon, when I reach
So today’s blog is dedicated to Jitka, who has a big heart and always smile on her face. Happy birthday!!!

First shaslik.

May 20, 2007

Yesterday we went with some of our friends to have a first shaslik in the outside restaurant out of
Kiev. The weather couldn’t be better, warmer; it could be even colder sometimes. The restaurant where we went is on direction to Obuchov.  So by car it took us maybe about half a hour to get there from the center of the

When we entered the place, little private forest, we were greeted by lady in the traditional Ukrainian dress. She gave us to taste some bread with a fat and also a bit of the fruity alcoholic drink. Meanwhile testing and drinking she was singing. One song was in Ukrainian and another was in Czech, which was very surprising.

We spend there almost all afternoon. Had a good food, drinks and time to talk within each other. Kids of our friends were running around and seeing the animals which were in the cages.

I was just reading today on the Czech server news. There was such an interesting article about a treasure which was found a several days ago in the
Atlantic Ocean. This treasure is meant as a biggest in the history at all. It was found in the ship-wreck which sunk many years ago. Most probably it can be dated to the colonial era.

The treasure contains about seventeen tons of gold and silver coins.  One coin might have a value about $1.000 and the whole treasure is worth more than $500mil.

Who would every think that in these days it’s still possible to find a treasure? And if so, that it’s going to be as valuable as this one. I personally though that times of funds seekers are gone.

Such a long time we were waiting for a good weather. It was still cold and at school was almost as in the winter on the streets. But now, seems that there is no spring, we jumped straigh to the summer. But if now it’s already so hot on the streets, what shall we do in the summer? I hope that the summer will be also beautifull, full of sun and no rain.

The good think is that the sun is shining and the city looks so beautifull. We have here in Kiev now a visitor from the Canada and he’s so impressed by the city. I’m so happy for him that he got this weather and he sees everything in the green jacket of the trees and parks, flowers and so on….

In front of all of us is one last week of school. And off course because of that we’re very busy. There are many exams planed and lots of papers to write. But the vision of being out of school, have enough time for everything else and for some of us to go home, to our country is giving us the strength to survive. Well, it’s not that bad as it sound, but I guess everyone except me feels a bit tired these days. Maybe it’s also because we know that the final of this semester is coming. The weather has been great here few last days and I can’t wait to be done with all my work and be walking and walking outside at the sun. So I wish all of us good luck with exams and other stuffs which are in front of us in last week of school.

Opera in Kiev.

May 10, 2007

Yesterday night I went already for the fourth time to the opera in
Kiev. They were playing the Italian opera “Aida” in Italian language with a Ukrainian subtitles. Even I don’t speak Ukrainian, but a bit Russian I was trying sometimes to read the texts of the songs. I have to say that the opera was very well rehearsed and I did enjoy it so much. Even though I didn’t understand any of those used languages (Italian and Ukrainian) I loved it. That I knew the story of Aida from before helped a lot and sometimes I got even the goose bums. I can only recommend to anyone to go to the opera before it will take a summer break.

Today at school we had a guest on Business English class. His name was Scott Pathakis and he came to Ukraine from
San Diego in States. He is traveling to
Ukraine quite often already for some time because of business and to visit a friends. This time he also came to our school to present us a “credit system in

His presentation should show us how to present and teach us something about the credit card system in States. We got to know what everything is needed to apply for its own credit account in the bank and how does it work later on. The presentation was very interesting and I think that everyone did really enjoy it.

Hope that in the future will get more chance to see and listen these kind of presentation which are very helpful from many different angles.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in
Kiev. It was the first warm day for me since I came back from
Prague where is already early summer. So we went for almost whole day walk. Everything smelled so nice and fresh, the sun was shinning and I didn’t have to wear any jacket. That was really amazing.

There were not many people outside or at least at the area where we were walking with my boyfriend, but everyone we met looked kind of happier than any other day. I almost forgot how beautiful
Kiev can be in a good weather. How many trees one can find here and how easy is to find a place to sit down on the bench and just enjoy the air and sun. Even today is a bit colder and the sun is hiding, for me the pleasant summer season has started and I can’t wait to walk more and more and everywhere.:-)